Endla Hostel

Haapsalu warm sea water, curative mud and fresh air have made Haapsalu well-known for centuries. Only a hundred kilometres away from the capital, it’s always been a loved summer resort in Estonia. The oldest part of Haapsalu is built on a strip of land that was formed of many islets only a few hundred years back. Narrow streets with the wooden houses not changed much from the beginning of XXth century bring you to the sea again and again. Haapsalu has been called the Nordic Venice for that plentitude of water.

Above all, Haapsalu is a town for people. A bit self-contained peace and silence are not the only values to find this over 700 year old town: eventful summer season has become Haapsalu’s trade mark.

Endla hostel is located in the centre of the town, next to the seaside and the old town. The renovated building was erected in 1961.

We offer 7 twins and 2 triples. Extrbeds are available Showers and bathrooms are in the hallway. We offer you homely and affordable accommodation. The common-room with TV and the kitchen for the guest use. There are the electric stove and the refrigerator in the kitchen. You can make the breakfast.

There are guarded parking-lot in the garden.

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